createPackage {Biobase}R Documentation

Create a Package Directory from a Template


Create a package directory from a template, with symbol-value substitution


createPackage(pkgname, destinationDir, originDir, symbolValues, unlink=FALSE, quiet=FALSE)


pkgname Character. The name of the package to be written.
destinationDir Character. The path to a directory where the package is to be written.
originDir Character. The path to a directory that contains the template package. Usually, this will contain a file named DESCRIPTION, and subdirectories R, man, data. In all files and filenames, symbols will be replaced by their respectives values, see the parameter symbolValues.
symbolValues Named list of character strings. The symbol-to-value mapping. See copySubstitute for details.
unlink Logical. If TRUE, and destinationDir already contains a file or directory with the name pkgname, try to unlink (remove) it.
quiet Logical. If TRUE, do not print information messages.


The intended use of this function is for the automated mass production of data packages, such as the microarray annotation, CDF, and probe sequence packages. An example is in the function makeProbePackage.

No syntactic or other checking of the package is performed. For this, use R CMD check.

The symbols @PKGNAME@ and @DATE@ are automatically defined with the values of pkgname and \date(), respectively.


The function returns a list with one element pkgdir: the path to the package.


Wolfgang Huber

See Also

copySubstitute, makeProbePackage, the reference manual Writing R extensions.


  sym  = list(AUTHOR = "Hesiod", VERSION = "1.0",
         TITLE = "the nine muses",
         FORMAT = "Character vector containg the names of the 9 muses.")

  res  = createPackage("muses",
           destinationDir = tempdir(),
           originDir      = file.path(.path.package("Biobase"), "Code"),
           symbolValues   = sym,
           unlink = TRUE, quiet = FALSE)

  muses = c("Calliope", "Clio", "Erato", "Euterpe", "Melpomene",
            "Polyhymnia", "Terpsichore", "Thalia", "Urania")

  dir.create(file.path(res$pkgdir, "data"))

  save(muses, file = file.path(res$pkgdir, "data", "muses.rda"))


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