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Aggregate Statistical Functions for DEDS


This function takes statistic functions and creates a function that takes a matrix as a single argument. The statisic functions are bound in the environment of the returned function and are applied sequentially to the argument of the returned function.




... Functions of various statistics, could be in a list.


The function takes several statistics functions or a list of these functions and returns a function (F) with bindings to the input statistics functions. F takes a data matrix as its single argument, and apply the bound statistical functions sequentially to the data matrix.


It returns a function that takes a matrix as its single argument. The function returns a matrix of statistics, with m rows correspondign to variables (hypotheses) and n columns corresponding to specified statistics.


Yuanyuan Xiao,,
Jean Yee Hwa Yang,

See Also

comp.t, comp.FC, comp.F, comp.SAM, comp.modt, comp.modF, comp.B


X <- matrix(rnorm(100, 0, 1), nc=10)
L <- rep(0:1,c(5,5)) <- comp.t(L) <- comp.FC(L) <- comp.SAM(L)
ffun <- aggregateFun(list(,,
stats <- ffun(X)

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