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DEDS Result List - class


A simple list-based class to store DEDS results.DEDS objects are usually created by functions deds.pval, deds.stat and deds.stat.linkC.

Slots/List Components

DEDS objects can be created by new("DEDS",deds) where deds is a list. This class contains no slots, but objects should contain the following list components:
E: A numeric vector of the most extreme point in the direction of differential expression.
p: A numeric vector of q- or adjusted p-values.
geneOrder: An integer vector giving the index of the top genes in terms of differential expression.
stats: A matrix of p values or statistics.
options: A character vector of options used in the test.


This class inherits directly from class list, so any operation appropriate for lists will work on objects of this class. In addition, Other functions which operate on DEDS objects include pairs and hist.


Yuanyuan Xiao,,
Jean Yee Hwa Yang,

See Also

deds.pval, deds.stat, deds.stat.linkC

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