getPkgVigList {DynDoc}R Documentation

A function to retrieve a listing of package vignettes


Functionality to retrive vignette metadata, on a per-vignette or a per-package level.


getPkgVigList(pkg, vigDescFun=baseVigDesc, vigPath = "/doc/", 
vigExt="\.(Rnw|Snw|rnw|snw|Rtex)$", pkgVers = TRUE)

getVigInfo(vig,pkg=NULL, vigDescFun=baseVigDesc, pkgVers=TRUE)


pkg Path to a package directory
vig Filename of a vignette
vigDescFun Function to provide output string for display
vigPath Path to directory that contains vignettes in the package
vigExt Regular expression pattern to match vignette file extensions
pkgVers Record the package version with the other vignette metadata


getPkgVigList: This function will look at all vignette files in the directory <pkg>/<vigPath>. It will then extract any header information (using getVigInfo), and return a list of this information.

getVigInfo: This function will retrieve the metadata from a particular vignette file. Any line starting with '%\Vignette' is taken to be metadata. Common values include VignetteIndexEntry (required), VignetteKeywords, VignetteDepends, etc. A named list of lists is returned to the user, where the names correspond to the particular metadata variable.

Both functions take a parameter baseVigDesc, which is a function to provide the output string to correspond with a vignette summary. This function is directly called by getVigInfo. It takes one parameter, which is a vigInfo list from getVigInfo.


Jeff Gentry

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## Not run: 
   ## We need a vignette for this to work
   dynPath <- .path.package("DynDoc")
   vigList <- getPkgVigList(dynPath)
## End(Not run)

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