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Functionality to manage code chunks from a vignette


These functions allow for processing and management of vignette code chunks within R. Users can directly manipulate the code chunks, as well as evaluate them at their option.


getVignetteCode(vigPath, evalEnv = new.env())
editVignetteCode(vigCode, pos, code)


vigPath File path of vignette file to process
evalEnv An environment to use for chunk evaluations
vigCode The vignetteCode object to edit
pos The position of the code chunk to edit
code The new code chunk


getVignetteCode: This function will call Stangle using the tangleToR driver in order to retrieve the code chunks from the specified vignette file. It will then compile the other pertinent information and return a new vignetteCode object.

editVignetteCode: This function will edit a code chunk contained within a vignetteCode and return a new object representing that change. The evaluation environment in the new object is a copy of the original as well, *not* the same environment.


Jeff Gentry

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