getVignetteHeader {DynDoc}R Documentation

A function to read vignette header information


Given a vignette filename, will read in the vignette header metadata.


getVignetteHeader(vig, field)
hasVigHeaderField(vig, field="VignetteIndexEntry")


vig Vignette filename
field A specific field to extract


The getVignetteHeader function will extract the metadata from a vignette file and return it as a named list, where the names of the list elements correspond to the metadata fields, and the elements themselves the values. If a specific field is desired, it can be specified with the 'field' argument.

The hasVigHeaderField function is a simple wrapper around getVignetteHeader and will most likely be removed in the very near future. It just is a boolean to report if a given header field exists or not.


Jeff Gentry

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