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The function affectation.profileCGH gives a status (gained, normal or lost) to each BAC.


affectationGNL.profileCGH(profileCGH, alpha=0.001, region="Region", verbose=FALSE, ...)


profileCGH Object of class profileCGH.
alpha Outlier detected in lost or gained region that lie between the α/2 lower tail and the α/2 upper tail of the estimated distribution of the normal DNA population are considered as normal.
region Specifies the name of the variable which has been used during the MSHR clustering by chromosome step.
verbose If TRUE some information are printed


An object of class profileCGH with the following added information in the data.frame attribute profileValues :

ZoneGNL Gain is coded by 1, Loss by -1 and Normal by 0.


Philippe Hupé,

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