GOLOCUSID2GO {GO}R Documentation

Annotation of LocusLink identifiers by specific gene ontology information for genes represented by the LocusLink identifiers


This is an R environment (hash table) mapping LocusLink ids to specific gene ontology information regarding genes represented by the LocusLink identifiers. Specific gene ontology infomation include the associations between LocusLink ids and GO information reported by NCBI


LocusLink ids are keys and the corresponding GO information are values. Each locusLink id is mapped to a list with one (mapped to none or one GO id) or more (mapped to more than one GO ids) sub lits. Each sub list contains three elements named "GOID", "Ontology", and "Evidence". The value for element "GOID" gives the Gene Ontology identifier the key LocusLink id corresponds to. The value for element "Ontology" can be an abbreviation of MF (mocular function), BP (biological process),or CC (cellular component) for the GO category the GO id belongs to. The values for element "Evidence" contains an evidence code indicating what kind of evidence is found to support the association of the GO id to the LocusLink id. The evidence codes in use include:

IMP - inferred from mutant phenotype

IGI - inferred from genetic interaction

IPI - inferred from physical interaction

ISS - inferred from sequence similarity

IDA - inferred from direct assay

IEP - inferred from expression pattern

IEA - inferred from electronic annotation

TAS - traceable author statement

NAS - non-traceable author statement

ND - no biological data available

IC - inferred by curator

NA is assigned to LocusLink id that can not be mapped to any gene ontology information.

Mappings were based on data provided by:

LocusLink:/scratch/homes/jzhang/R/library/AnnBuilder/temp/file643c9869LL_tmpl. Built: Built: September 15, 2005

Package built: Tue Sep 28 11:27:36 2004




        require("GO") || stop("GO unavailable")
        # Convert the environment object to a list
        xx <- as.list(GOLOCUSID2GO)
        # Remove LocusLink ids that are not mapped to any GO id
        xx <- xx[!is.na(xx)]
        if(length(xx) > 0){
                # Get the GO ids for the first two elents of xx
                goids  <- xx[1:2]
                # Get the evidence code goids
                evds <- sapply(goids, names)

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