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Gene Expression Data for a mouse immune response study


This data set consists of gene expression for mouse T-cell immune responses (Affymetrix MG-U74vA GeneChip).




A matrix of 12,488 genes by 10 columns (1=probe set ID, 2,3,4=Naive, 5,6,7=48h activated, and 8,9,10=CD8+ T-cell clone D4).


Lee, JK and Connell, MO (2003). An S-Plus library for the analysis of differential expression. In The Analysis of Gene Expression Data: Methods and Software. Edited by G. Parmigiani, ES Garrett, RA Irizarry ad SL Zegar. Springer, New York.

Jain et. al. (2003) Local pooled error test for identifying differentially expressed genes with a small number of replicated microarrays, 19: 1945-1951, Bioinformatics.

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