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Gene expression data for mouse B cell development


This data set consists of gene expression of the five consecutive stages (pre-B1, large pre-B2, small pre-B2, immature B, and mature B cells) of mouse B cell development. The data were obtained with high-density oligonucleotide arrays, Affymetrix Mu11k GeneChips, from flow-cytometrically purified cells.




A matrix containing 13,207 probe sets and 26 chips; first 6 chips for pre-B1 cell and next 20 chips for other stages (5 chips for each)


Hoffmann, R., Seidl, T., Neeb, M., Rolink, A. and Melchers, F. (2002). Changes in gene expression profiles in developing B cells of murine bone marrow, Genome Research 12:98-111.

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