NPMLE for Censored and Truncated Data

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Bisect An implementation of the bisection algorithm for root finding.
BVcliques Find the bivariate cliques from the marginal data.
BVclmat Comput the clique matrix from the clique list.
BVmacprod Internal Icens functions
BVsupport Compute the support for the cliques of a bivariate intersection graph.
cmv Data on times to shedding of cytomegalovirus and to colonization of mycobacterium avium complex.
cosmesis The time taken until cosmetic deterioration of breast cosmesis.
EM A function to compute the NPMLE of p based on the incidence matrix A.
EMICM Compute the NPMLE for censored data using the EMICM.
EMICMmac Internal Icens functions
hiv Intervals for infection time and disease onset for 257 hemophiliac patients.
icsurv The class of objects returned by the estimation routines in the Icens library.
Intersection Internal Icens functions
ISDM Estimate the NPMLE of censored data using the ISDM method proposed in Lesperance and Kalbfleisch (19
Maclist A function to
Macmat A function to compute the incidence matrix for an intersction graph.
MLEintvl Compute the real representation for the maximal cliques.
PGM An implementation of the projected gradient methods for finding the NPMLE.
plot.icsurv A plot method for the estimates produced by the estimation methods in Icens.
Plotboxes Plot the event time regions for bivariate data.
PMGA Implement the pool monotone groups algorithm.
pruitt A small artificial, bivariate right-censored data set.
rescaleP Internal Icens functions
Subset Internal Icens functions
VEM Compute the NPMLE of p via the Vertex Exchange Method.
VEMICMmac Internal Icens functions