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Returns a list of maximal cliques of the intersction graph of the real valued intervals supplied in m. These are one dimensional intervals with one interval for each individual. The algorithm is coded in interpreted code and should be moved to compiled code for speed. How do we handle exact failure times? Which algorithm is used?


Maclist(intvls, Lopen=TRUE, Ropen=FALSE)


intvls A n by 2 matrix, the first column is the left endpoints and the second column contains the right endpoints of the failure time intervals.
Lopen A boolean indicating whether the intervals are open on the left.
Ropen A boolean indicating whether the intervals are open on the right.


A list of length m. Each element of the list corresponds to one maximal antichain. The row numbers (from m) identify the individuals and all row numbers for the individuals in the maximal clique. Maximal cliques occur in their natural (left to right) order.


Alain Vandal and Robert Gentleman


Computational Methods for Censored Data using Intersection Graphs, R. Gentleman and A. Vandal, JCGS, 2000.

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   csub1 <- subset(cosmesis, subset=Trt==0, select=c(L,R))
   ml1 <- Maclist(csub1)

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