glmmPQL {MASS}R Documentation

Fit Generalized Linear Mixed Models via PQL


Fit a GLMM model with multivariate normal random effects, using Penalized Quasi-Likelihood.


glmmPQL(fixed, random, family, data, correlation, weights,
        control, niter = 10, verbose = TRUE, ...)


fixed a two-sided linear formula giving fixed-effects part of the model.
random A formula or list of formulae describing the random effects.
family a GLM family.
data an optional data frame used as the first place to find variables in the formulae.
correlation an optional correlation structure.
weights optional case weights as in glm.
control an optional argument to be passed to lme.
niter maximum number of iterations.
verbose logical: print out record of iterations?
... Further arguments for lme.


glmmPQL works by repeated calls to lme, so package nlme will be loaded at first use if necessary.


A object of class "lme": see lmeObject.


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library(nlme) # will be loaded automatically if omitted
summary(glmmPQL(y ~ trt + I(week > 2), random = ~ 1 | ID,
                family = binomial, data = bacteria))

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