ldahist {MASS}R Documentation

Histograms or Density Plots of Multiple Groups


Plot histograms or density plots of data on a single Fisher linear discriminant.


ldahist(data, g, nbins = 25, h, x0 = - h/1000, breaks,
        xlim = range(breaks), ymax = 0, width,
        type = c("histogram", "density", "both"),
        sep = (type != "density"),
        col = 5, xlab = deparse(substitute(data)), bty = "n", ...)


data vector of data. Missing values (NAs) are allowed and omitted.
g factor or vector giving groups, of the same length as data.
nbins Suggested number of bins to cover the whole range of the data.
h The bin width (takes precedence over nbins).
x0 Shift for the bins - the breaks are at x0 + h * (..., -1, 0, 1, ...)
breaks The set of breakpoints to be used. (Usually omitted, takes precedence over h and nbins).
xlim The limits for the x-axis.
ymax The upper limit for the y-axis.
width Bandwidth for density estimates. If missing, the Sheather-Jones selector is used for each group separately.
type Type of plot.
sep Whether there is a separate plot for each group, or one combined plot.
col The colour number for the bar fill.
xlab label for the plot x-axis. By default, this will be the name of data.
bty The box type for the plot - defaults to none.
... additional arguments to polygon.

Side Effects

Histogram and/or density plots are plotted on the current device.


Venables, W. N. and Ripley, B. D. (2002) Modern Applied Statistics with S. Fourth edition. Springer.

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