negative.binomial {MASS}R Documentation

Family function for Negative Binomial GLMs


Specifies the information required to fit a Negative Binomial generalized linear model, with known theta parameter, using glm().


negative.binomial(theta = stop("'theta' must be specified"), link = "log")


theta The known value of the additional parameter, theta.
link The link function. Currently must be one of log, sqrt or identity.


A list of functions and expressions needed by glm() to fit a Negative Binomial generalized linear model.


Venables, W. N. and Ripley, B. D. (1999) Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS. Third Edition. Springer.

See Also

glm.nb, anova.negbin, summary.negbin


# Fitting a Negative Binomial model to the quine data
#   with theta = 2 assumed known.
glm(Days ~ .^4, family = negative.binomial(2), data = quine)

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