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Generates a colour bar for spatial significance plots


This function generates a colour bar for the visualisation of significance of spatial bias.




color.lim limits for color bar


The function colorbar.sig produces a colour bar for 2D-plots generated by sigxy.plot. The colours used range from green (for the lower limit of the colour range) to red (for its upper limit). For visualisation, values below or above the limits for the colour range (as given by color.lim) are set to the lower or upper limit, respectively. The function colorbar.sig is similar to more general function colorbar.mxy. It differs, however, in its axis annotation. Since it is used to present the significance in a log10-scale, annotation of axis tacks consists of negative values in both direction.


Matthias E. Futschik (

See Also

sigxy.plot, colorbar.mxy

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