mxy.plot {OLIN}R Documentation

Generation of MXY plots


This function produce a MXY plot including a colour bar.




V vector of real values typically logged ratios M.
Ngc number of columns for the grid matrix
Ngr number of rows for the grid matrix
Nsc number of columns for the spot matrix
Nsr number of rows for the spot matrix
color.lim limits of color range for MXY plot
xlab label of x -axis of MXY plot
ylab label of y-axis of MXY plot
... Further optional graphical parameter for the image function generating the MXY plot


Spotted microarrays have generally a grid layout of form with Ngc columns and Ngr rows. Each block (or spot matrix) of the grid corresponds to a specific pin used for spotting. The blocks have generally Nsc columns and Nsr rows. The function mxy.plot generates a 2D-plot (MXY-plot) of the values of M across the array. M is given in form of the vector V. Note that this function assumes a specific mapping between the data points and the location of spot (i.e. the same mapping rule that is used for marrayRaw/marrayNorm objects (see the documentation of packet marray) The colour range of the MXY plot is centred around zero and follows the conventional colouring (green for negative, red for positive fold-changes). For a separate visualisation of the two channels, see function fgbg.visu.


Matthias E. Futschik (

See Also

v2m, m2v, fgbg.visu, image, marrayRaw


mxy.plot(maM(sw)[,1],Ngc=maNgc(sw),Ngr=maNgr(sw), Nsc=maNsc(sw),Nsr=maNsr(sw))

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