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Generation of MXY plots based on spot coordinates


This function produce a MXY plot with a colour bar. In contrast to mxy.plot, the plot is based on spot coordinates (instead on column and row index as proxies for spot location).




V vector of real values typically logged ratios M.
X vector of x coordinates of spot locations
Y vector of y coordinates of spot locations
Ngc number of columns for the grid matrix
Ngr number of rows for the grid matrix
Nsc number of columns for the spot matrix
Nsr number of rows for the spot matrix
color.lim limits of color range for MXY plot
xlab label of x-axis of MXY plot
ylab label of y-axis of MXY plot
... Further optional graphical parameter for the image function generating the MXY plot


The function mxy2.plot can be used to plot the distribution of V across the array. As mxy.plot, it mainly aims for the plotting of the distribution of logged fold changes. It differs from mxy.plot in the representation of spot location. The function mxy.plot uses the index of columns and rows as proxies for the spot location. The gaps between the grid matrices (spotted by different pins) are, therefore, not reproduced in the plot. A more accurate spatial plot is produced by mxy2.plot, which is based on the coordinates of the first column and first raw of the array. Assuming a regular rectangular print layout, gaps and the edges of the array are shown.


Matthias E. Futschik (

See Also

mxy.plot, v2m, m2v, fgbg.visu, image


mxy2.plot(maM(sw)[,1],X=sw.xy$X[,1],Y=sw.xy$Y[,1], Ngc=maNgc(sw),Ngr=maNgr(sw),

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