Ciphergen SELDI-TOF Processing

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Documentation for package `PROcess' version 1.3.2

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binning Binning the Mass Spectrometry Data
bslnoff Baseline Substraction
gelmap Plot the image of a set of spectra
getMzs Extract M/Z values from the biomarker dataframe.
getPeaks Peak Detection
intg Integration
isPeak Locate Peaks in a Spectrum
lnn Estimate Signal and Variation of a Spectrum
noise Peak Detection
peaks Peak Detection
pk2bmkr Find Biomarkers.
quality Quality Check on a Set of Spectra
read.files Read a Spectrum from a Comma Deliminated File
renorm Renormalize Spectra
rmBaseline Batch Baseline Subtraction.
sigma Peak Detection
specZoom Plotting a Spectrum with Peaks