HTMLplot {R2HTML}R Documentation

Insert a graphic into an HTML output


Exports the active graphic to a JPEG or GIF file and add it to a target HTML output, by writing the <IMG> tag.


"HTMLplot" <- function (Caption = "", file = .HTML.file, GraphDirectory = ".", 
    GraphFileName = "", GraphSaveAs = "png", GraphBorder = 1, 
    Align = "center", width=500,height=NULL,WidthHTML=500,HeightHTML=NULL,append=TRUE,...) 


Caption text to be placed below the graphic, as a caption
file the target HTML file
GraphDirectory path where file should be stored
GraphFileName name of the file to produce (could be missing)
GraphSaveAs an existing exportation device, such as jpg or gif
GraphBorder HTML border option for the <IMG> tag
Align HTML align option for the <IMG> tag
width width of the image to create (passed to the driver)
height height of the image to create (passed to the driver) (NULL: not specified)
WidthHTML Width of the image in HTML
HeightHTML Height of the image in HTML (NULL for not specified)
append logical. If 'TRUE' output will be appended to 'file'; otherwise, it will overwrite the contents of 'file'
... ...


Note that this function is coded to work automatically when using automatic exportation with HTMLStart. When using manualy, user should pay attention to the GraphDirectory option, so that graph files are in the same directory as HTML output files. When using to write reports in a non interactive way, first generate the graphic using a device and then use HTMLInsertGraph.


no value returned.


For a discussion about .HTML.outdir and HTLMenv, refer to HTMLStart


Eric Lecoutre


See Also

HTMLStart, HTMLInsertGraph


## Plots a graphic and insert it into the file /test.html.
## Target file and also graph directory should be changed when submitting this code...

myfile <- paste(tempfile(),".html",sep="")
plot(sin, -pi, 2*pi,main="Sinus")
# HTMLplot(file=myfile,GraphDirectory="/",Caption="Look at this curve!")

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