makeRG {RMAGEML}R Documentation

Creation of a RGList object


This function creates a RGList object.


makeRG(mageOM, genes, directory = ".", QTD = "none", DED = "none",  name.Rf = "none", name.Rb = "none", name.Gf = "none" ,name.Gb = "none")


mageOM Reference to MAGE Object Model
directory Directory which contains the MAGEML files that need to be imported
genes the Gnames marrayInfo object e.g. created by getGnames
QTD the Quantitation Type Dimension
DED the Design Element Dimension
name.Rf the name of the red foreground intensity
name.Rb the name of the red background intensity
name.Gf the name of the green foreground intensity
name.Gb the name of the green background intensity


Steffen Durinck,
Joke Allemeersch,


Spellman PT, Miller M, Stewart J, Troup C, Sarkans U, Chervitz S, Bernhart D, Sherlock G, Ball C, Lepage M, Swiatek M, Marks WL, Goncalves J, Markel S, Iordan D, Shojatalab M, Pizarro A, White J, Hubley R, Deutsch E, Senger M, Aronow BJ, Robinson A, Bassett D, Stoeckert CJ Jr and Brazma A. Design and implementation of microarray gene expression markup language (MAGE-ML). Genome Biol. 2002 Aug 23;3(9):RESEARCH0046.

See Also

importMAGEOM, getArrayLayoutLimma


data<-system.file("MAGEMLdata", package="RMAGEML")
#To obtain a marrayInfo object containing the database identifiers of the features present on the array.#
genes<-getArrayLayoutLimma(mageom, DED = "DED:707")
makeRG(mageOM=mageom, genes = genes, directory=data, DED = "DED:707", QTD = "QTD:707", name.Rf = "QT:F635 Mean", name.Rb = "QT:B635 Median", name.Gf = "QT:F532 Mean" ,name.Gb = "QT:B532 Median")

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