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acqTime1 Freeman's EIES Network
acqTime2 Freeman's EIES Network
advice Krackhardt's High-tech Managers
basicGoods Countries Trade Data
business Padgett's Florentine Families
CEOclubsAM Galaskiewicz's CEO and Clubs Network
CEOclubsBPG Galaskiewicz's CEO and Clubs Network
countriesAttrs Countries Trade Data
crudeMaterials Countries Trade Data
diplomats Countries Trade Data
florentineAttrs Padgett's Florentine Families
food Countries Trade Data
freemanAttrs Freeman's EIES Network
friendship Krackhardt's High-tech Managers
krackhardtAttrs Krackhardt's High-tech Managers
marital Padgett's Florentine Families
messages Freeman's EIES Network
minerals Countries Trade Data
reportsTo Krackhardt's High-tech Managers