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Generic Methods for SAX callbacks


This is a collection of generic functions for which one can write methods so that they are called in repsonse to different SAX events. The idea is that one defines methods for different classes of the .state argument and dispatch to different methods based on that argument. The functions represent the different SAX events.


startElement.SAX(name, atts, .state = NULL)
endElement.SAX(name, .state = NULL)
comment.SAX(content, .state = NULL)
processingInstruction.SAX(target, content, .state = NULL)
text.SAX(content, .state = NULL)
entityDeclaration.SAX(name, base, sysId, publicId, notationName,  .state = NULL)
.InitSAXMethods(where = "package:XML")


name the name of the XML element or entity being declared
content the value/string in the processing instruction or comment
target the target of the processing instruction, e.g. the R in <?R....>
base x
sysId the system identifier for this entity
publicId the public identifier for the entity
notationName name of the notation specification
.state the state object on which the user-defined methods should dispatch.
where the package in which the class and method definitions should be defined. This is almost always unspecified.


Each method should return the (potentially modified) state value.


This no longer requires the Expat XML parser to be installed. Instead, we use libxml's SAX parser.


Duncan Temple Lang


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