dtdElementValidEntry {XML}R Documentation

Determines whether an XML element allows a particular type of sub-element.


This tests whether name is a legitimate tag to use as a direct sub-element of the element tag according to the definition of the element element in the specified DTD. This is a generic function that dispatches on the element type, so that different version take effect for XMLSequenceContent, XMLOrContent, XMLElementContent.


dtdElementValidEntry(element, name, pos=NULL)


element The XMLElementDef defining the tag in which we are asking whether the sub-element can be used.
name The name of the sub-element about which we are querying the list of sub-tags within element.
pos An optional argument which, if supplied, queries whether the name sub-element is valid as the pos-th child of element.


This is not intended to be called directly, but indirectly by the dtdValidElement function.


Logical value indicating whether the sub-element can appear in an element tag or not.


Duncan Temple Lang


http://www.w3.org/XML, http://www.jclark.com/xml, http://www.omegahat.org

See Also

parseDTD, dtdValidElement, dtdElement


 dtdFile <- system.file("exampleData", "foo.dtd",package="XML")
 dtd <- parseDTD(dtdFile) 
  dtdElementValidEntry(dtdElement("variables",dtd), "variable")

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