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Output internal XML Tree


Methods for writing the representation of an XML tree to a string or file. Originally this was intended to be used only for DOMs (Document Object Models) stored in internal memory created via xmlTree, but methods for XMLNode and XMLOutputStream objects allow it to be generic for different representations of the XML tree.


saveXML(doc, file=NULL, compression=0, indent=TRUE, prefix = '<?xml version="1.0"?>\n')
saveXML.XMLInternalDocument(doc, file=NULL, compression=0, indent=TRUE, prefix = '<?xml version="1.0"?>\n')
saveXML.XMLInternalDOM(doc, file=NULL, compression=0, indent=TRUE, prefix = '<?xml version="1.0"?>\n')
saveXML.XMLNode(doc, file=NULL, compression=0, indent=TRUE, prefix = '<?xml version="1.0"?>\n')
saveXML.XMLOutputStream(doc, file=NULL, compression=0, indent=TRUE, prefix = '<?xml version="1.0"?>\n')


doc the document object representing the XML document.
file the name of the file to which the contents of the XML nodes will be serialized.
compression an integer value between 0 and 9 indicating the level of compression to use when saving the file. Higher values indicate increased compression and hence smaller files at the expense of computational time to do the compression and decompression.
indent a logical value indicating whether to indent the nested nodes when serializing to the stream.
prefix a string that is written to the stream/connection before the XML is output. If this is NULL, it is ignored. This allows us to put the XML introduction/preamble at the beginning of the document while allowing it to be omitted when we are outputting multiple "documents" within a single stream.


One can create an internal XML tree (or DOM) using newXMLDoc and newXMLNode. saveXML allows one to generate a textual representation of that DOM in human-readable and reusable XML format. saveXML is a generic function that allows one to call the rendering operation with either the top-level node of the DOM or of the document object (of class XMLInternalDocument that is used to accumulate the nodes and with which the developer adds nodes.



Duncan Temple Lang


See Also

newXMLDoc newXMLNode xmlOutputBuffer xmlOutputDOM


con <- xmlOutputDOM()
con$addTag("author", "Duncan Temple Lang")
con$addTag("address",  close=FALSE)
con$addTag("office", "2C-259")
con$addTag("street", "Mountain Avenue.")
con$addTag("phone", close=FALSE)
con$addTag("area", "908", attrs=c(state="NJ"))
con$addTag("number", "582-3217")
con$closeTag() # phone
con$closeTag() # address

saveXML(con$value(), file="con.xml")

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