[.XMLNode {XML}R Documentation

Convenience accessors for the children of XMLNode objects.


These provide a simplified syntax for extracting the children of an XML node.


"[.XMLNode"(obj, ...)
"[[.XMLNode"(obj, ...)
"[[.XMLDocumentContent"(obj, ...)


obj the XML node or the top-level document content in which the children are to be accessed. The XMLDocumentContent is the container for the top-level node that also contains information such as the URI/filename and XML version. This accessor method is merely a convenience to get access to children of the top-level node.
i index of the child of interest or the name of an XML element of interest. In this latter case, only the first matching element is returned, if any.
... the identifiers for the children to be retrieved, given as integer indices, names, etc. in the usual format for the generic link{[} and link{[[} operators


A list or single element containing the children of the XML node given by obj and identified by ....


Duncan Temple Lang


http://www.w3.org/XML, http://www.omegahat.org/RSXML

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