An annotation data file that maps Open Reading Frame (ORF) identifiers to alias gene names


A set of gene names may have been used to report yeast genes represented by ORF ids. One such names has been used as the primary gene name and the rest are considered as alias names to the promary name. This data set maps ORF ids to alias gene names


This is an environment object containing key and value pairs. Keys are ORF ids and values are alias gene names. Values are vectors of length 1 or more depending on whether an ORF id can be mapped to one or more alias names. ORF ids that can not be mapped to descriptive information are assigned a value NA.

Annotation based on data provided by:

Yeast Genome: Built: Yeast Genome data are built at various time intervals. Sources used were downloaded Tue Oct 26 12:36:33 2004

Package built: Tue Oct 26 14:35:47 2004



        require("annotate") || stop("annotate unavailable")
        xx <- as.list(YEASTALIAS)
        if(length(xx) > 0){
                # Get the value of the first key
                # Get the values for a few keys
                if(length(xx) >= 3){

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