Mappings between probe identifiers and the names of genes the probe ids correspond to


YEASTGENENAME maps probe identifiers to the names of genes corresponding to the probe ids. Gene names are the descriptions used for gene reports that have been validated by a nomenclature committee or interim selected for display


Gene names currently include both the official (validated by a nomenclature committee) and preferred names (interim selected for display) for genes. Efforts are being made to differentiate the two by adding a name to the vector.

Mappings were based on data provided by:

Yeast Genome: Built: Yeast Genome data are built at various time intervals. Sources used were downloaded Tue Oct 26 12:36:33 2004

Package built Tue Oct 26 14:35:47 2004


     # Convert to a list
     xx <- as.list(YEASTGENENAME)
     # Remove probes that do not map to any GENENAME
     xx <- xx[!]
     if(length(xx) > 0){
         # Gets the gene names for the first five probe ids
         # Get the first one

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