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Basic Chromosomal Information for UCSC Human Genome Assembly July 2003 freeze


This dataset contains basic chromosomal information for UCSC Human Genome Assembly July 2003 freeze.

Usage is loaded automatically with
this-is-escaped-codenormal-bracket8bracket-normal package.


A data frame with 24 observations on the following 3 variables.

Chromosomal index, X is coded as 23 and Y as 24.
Length of each chromosome in kilobases.
Location of the centromere on the chromosome (kb).


This file is used for many plotting functions and needs to correspond to mapping file. The centromeric location is approximately extimated by taking mid-point between the last fish-mapped clone on the p-arm and the first fish-mapped clone on the q-arm using relevant UCSC freeze. For an alternative freeze, one needs to manually create a 3-column file of the format described above.


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