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Funtion to merge states based on their state means


mergeFunc takes the output of (or find.hmm.states) with a particular model selection criterion and iteratively merges the states with means closer than a supplied threshold. mergeHmmStates is a frontend for mergeFunc using aCGH object.


mergeHmmStates(aCGH.obj, model.use = 1, minDiff = 0.25)
mergeFunc(statesres = states.bic, minDiff = 0.1)


aCGH.obj Object of class aCGH.
statesres the sublist of the states.hmm list output from find.hmm.states for a given model selection crterion
minDiff The states whose predicted values are less than minDiff apart are merged into one state and all the predicited values are recomputed.
model.use Model selection criterion to use, See find.hmm.states.


This function is intended to reduce effect of the possible small magnitude technological artifacts on the structure determination.


List containing states.hmm object is returned.


Jane Fridlyand


Application of Hidden Markov Models to the analysis of the array CGH data, Fridlyand, JMVA, 2004

See Also

aCGH, find.hmm.states

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