plotGenome {aCGH}R Documentation

Plots the genome


Basic plot of the log2 ratios for each array ordered along the genome.


plotGenome(aCGH.obj, samples = 1:num.samples(aCGH.obj), naut = 22,
           Y = TRUE, X = TRUE, data = log2.ratios(aCGH.obj),
           chrominfo =,
           yScale = c(-2, 2), samplenames = sample.names(aCGH.obj),
           ylb = "Log2Ratio")


aCGH.obj an object of class aCGH
samples vector containing indeces of the samples to be plotted.
naut number of autosomes in the organism
Y TRUE if chromosome Y is to be plotted, FALSE otherwise
X TRUE if chromosome X is to be plotted, FALSE otherwise
data a matrix containing values to use for plotting. defaults to the log2.ratios(aCGH.obj).
chrominfo a chromosomal information associated with the mapping of the data.
yScale Minimum y-scale to use for plotting. Scale is expanded if any of the values exceed the positive or negative limit.
samplenames sample names.
ylb label for the Y-axis.

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#plot samples in the order of descending quality 
order.quality <- order(sd.samples(colorectal)$madGenome)
for(i in order.quality)
   plotGenome(colorectal, samples = i, Y = FALSE)

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