states.hmm.func {aCGH}R Documentation

A function to fit unsupervised Hidden Markov model


This function is a workhorse of find.hmm.states. It operates on the individual chromosomes/samples and is not called directly by users.


states.hmm.func(sample, chrom, dat, datainfo =, vr = 0.01,
                maxiter = 100, aic = FALSE, bic = TRUE, delta = 1,
                nlists = 1)


sample ~~Describe sample here~~
chrom ~~Describe chrom here~~
dat ~~Describe dat here~~
datainfo ~~Describe datainfo here~~
vr ~~Describe vr here~~
maxiter ~~Describe maxiter here~~
aic ~~Describe aic here~~
bic ~~Describe bic here~~
delta ~~Describe delta here~~
nlists ~~Describe nlists here~~

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