generateExprVal.method.playerout {affy}R Documentation

Generate an expression value from the probes informations


Generate an expression from the probes


  generateExprVal.method.playerout(probes, weights=FALSE, optim.method="L-BFGS-B")


probes a list of probes slots from PPSet.container
weights Should the resulting weights be returned ?
optim.method see parameter 'optim' for the function optim


A non-parametrical method to weight each perfect match probe in the set and to compute a weighted mean of the perfect match values. One will notice this method only makes use of the perfect matches. (see function playerout.costfunction for the cost function).


A vector of expression values.


Laurent <>
(Thanks to E. Lazaridris for the original playerout code and the discussions about it)


  • Emmanuel N. Lazaridis, Dominic Sinibaldi, Gregory Bloom, Shrikant Mane and Richard Jove A simple method to improve probe set estimates from oligonucleotide arrays, Mathematical Biosciences, Volume 176, Issue 1, March 2002, Pages 53-58

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