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MAS 5.0 expression measure


This function converts an instance of AffyBatch-class into an instance of exprSet-class using our implementation of Affymetrix's MAS 5.0 expression measure.


mas5(object, normalize = TRUE, sc = 500, analysis = "absolute", ...)


object an instance of AffyBatch-class
normalize logical. If TRUE scale normalization is used after we obtain an instance of exprSet-class
sc Value at which all arrays will be scaled to.
analysis should we do absolute or comparison analysis, although "comparison" is still not implemented.
... other arguments to be passed to expresso.


This function is a wrapper for expresso and affy.scalevalue.exprSet.


The methods used by this function were implemented based upon available documentation. In particular a useful reference is Statistical Algorithms Description Document by Affymetrix. Our implementation is based on what is written in the documentation and as you might appreciate there are places where the documentation is less than clear. This function does not give exactly the same results. All source code of our implementation is available. You are free to read it and suggest fixes.
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  eset <- mas5(affybatch.example)

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