mva.pairs {affy}R Documentation

M vs. A Matrix


A matrix of M vs. A plots is produced. Plots are made on the upper triangle and the IQR of the Ms are displayed in the lower triangle


mva.pairs(x, labels=colnames(x),,span=2/3,family.loess="gaussian",
          digits=3,line.col=2,main="MVA plot",...)


x A matrix containing the chip data in the columns.
labels the names of the variables. logical. If TRUE uses log scale.
span span to be used for loess fit.
family.loess "guassian" or "symmetric" as in loess.
digits number of digits to use in the display of IQR.
line.col color of the loess line.
main an overall title for the plot.
... graphical parameters can be given as arguments to mva.plot

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    x <- matrix(rnorm(4000),1000,4)
    x[,1] <- x[,1]^2
    dimnames(x) <- list(NULL,c("chip 1","chip 2","chip 3","chip 4"))

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