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Coloring pseudo chip images


These are routines used for coloring pseudo chip images.


  pseudoPalette(low = "white", high = c("green", "red"), mid = NULL,k =50) 
  pseudoColorBar(x, horizontal = TRUE, col = heat.colors(50), scale = 1:length(x),k = 11, log.ticks=FALSE,...)


low color at low end of scale
high color at high end of scale
mid color at exact middle of scale
k number of colors to have
x A data series
horizontal If TRUE then color bar is to be draw horizontally
col colors for color bar
scale tickmarks for x if x is not numeric
log.ticks use a log type transformation to assign the colors
... additional parameters to plotting routine


Adapted from similar tools in maPlots pacakge.


Ben Bolstad

See Also

AffyBatch, read.affybatch


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