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Functions to create hypertext links that can be placed in a table cell of a HTML file


Given a vector of ids, the functions will create a vector of hypertext links to a defined public repositories such as LocusLink, UniGene .... The linkages can be placed in a html file constructed by htmlpage


getQueryLink(ids, repository = "ug")
getTDRows(ids, repository = "ug")
getCells(ids, repository = "ug")


ids A character vector of ids, or alternatively, a list containing character vectors of ids. These will be used to construct hypertext links. A list should be used in cases where there are multiple ids per gene.
repository A character string for the name of a public repository. Valid values include "ll", "ug", "gb", "sp", "omim", "affy", "en", and "fb".


getQuery4LL constructs hypertext links to LocusLink using the provided ids.

getQuery4GB constructs hypertext links to GenBank using the provided ids.

getQuery4UG constructs hypertext links to UniGene using the provided ids.

getQuery4Affy constructs hypertext links to Affymetrix using the provided ids.

getQuery4SP constructs hypertext links to SwissProt using the provided ids.

getQuery4OMIM constructs hypertext links to OMIM using the provided ids.

getQuery4FB constructs hypertext links to FlyBase using the provided ids.

getQuery4EN constructs hypertext links to EntrezGene using the provided ids. This supercedes getQuery4LL, as LocusLink has been deprecated by NCBI.

getQueryLink directs calls to construct hypertext links using the provided ids.

getTDRows constructs each row of the resulting table.

getCells constructs each cell of the resulting table.

Note that some of these functions (getQuery4OMIM, getQuery4UG, getQuery4LL), getQuery4FB attempt to return empty cells for ids that don't make sense, rather than broken links. For the other getQuery4XX functions, the end user must replace all nonsense ids with " " in order to have an empty cell.


Returns a vector of character strings representing the hypertext links.


The functions are part of Bioconductor project at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to provide Bioinformatics functionalities through R


Jianhua Zhang <> with further modifications by James W. MacDonald <>

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