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Functions to build HTML pages


This function is a modification of ll.htmlpage, designed to be able to create links for more than one set of ids.


htmlpage(genelist, filename, title, othernames, table.head, = TRUE, repository = "ll")


genelist A list or data.frame of character vectors containing ids to be made into hypertext links. See details for more information.
filename A filename for the resultant HTML table.
title A title for the table.
othernames A list or data.frame of other things to add to the table. These will not be hyperlinks. The list of othernames can contain vectors, matrices, data.frames or lists.
table.head A character vector of column headers for the table. Center the table? Defaults to TRUE.
repository A list of repositories to use for creating the hypertext links. See details for more information.


This is a modification of ll.htmlpage, which is limited to a single column of hyperlinked ids and lists of vectors for othernames. This function will accept a list or data.frame of character vectors, each containing different ids that are to be turned into hyperlinks (e.g., a list containing affy ids, genbank accession numbers, and locus link ids). For instances where there are more than one id per gene, use a sub-list of character vectors. See the vignette 'prettyOutput' for more information. Othernames should be a list or data.frame. Again, if there are multiple entries for a given gene, use a sub-list.


This function is used only for the side effect of creating an HTML table.


Robert Gentleman <>, further modifications by James W. MacDonald <>


gnames <- as.character(6810:6820)
htmlpage(gnames, "fff.html")

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