PRvQCHyb {arrayQuality}R Documentation

Print run Quality version Quality Control Hybridization


Qualitative diagnostic plots looking at print-run quality. This component examine the QC hybridizations.


PRvQCHyb(fnames, path=".", dev = "png", DEBUG=FALSE, prargs=NULL, samepr=TRUE, prname="xMm", save = TRUE, col,...)


fnames A "character" string naming the input files.
path a character string representing the data directory. By default this is set to the current working directory (".").
dev A "character" string naming the graphics device. This will take arguments "png", "jpeg" and "ps" only.
DEBUG If 'TRUE', debug statements are printed.
prargs A list with 4 components: Block, Row, Column and ncolumns. See Details for more information.
samepr If 'TRUE', we assume everything in the directory are from the same print-run.
prname A "character" string giving the name of the print-run.
save If `TRUE', the figures will be saved to files.
col color code for different control samples.
... additional arguments.


The argument "prargs" is used to calculate the layout information about a print-run. Components Block, Row and Columns denote the column names from the input data representing the print-tip location. The component "ncolumns" is an integer representing the number of print-tip columns in the data. If the arguement is set to NULL, the the following default will be used. list(Block="Block", Row="Row", Column="Column", ncolumns=4)


Files of diagnostic plots.


Jean Yee Hwa Yang


datadir <- system.file("gprQCData", package="arrayQuality")
if (interactive())
PRvQCHyb(fnames="9Mm137.gpr", path=datadir, prname="9Mm")

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