readSpot {arrayQuality}R Documentation

Extraction of measures from Spot (.spot) files.


This component reads a Spot file (.spot) and returns columns used for quality control.


readSpot(fnames = NULL, path= ".", galfile=NULL,DEBUG=FALSE, skip = 0, sep ="\t",quote="\"",controlId="ID", ...)


fnames A "character" string naming the input file.
path a "character" string representing the data directory. By default this is set to the current working directory (".").
galfile A "character" string naming the galfile associated with the input file. If galfile = NULL, readSpot will use the first .gal file found in the working directory.
DEBUG If 'TRUE', debug statements are printed.
skip Number of lines to skip in the gpr files.
sep A "character" string defining the type of separation for the columns in the gpr files.
quote A "character" string defining the type of quote in the gpr files.
controlId Character string. Name of the column of the Spot file used to define controls.
... additional arguments.


A list of vectors containing information extracted from the Agilent file


Agnes Paquet

See Also

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