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Control status information


This component reads spot type information from a tab delimited text file to a matrix.


readcontrolCode(file = "SpotTypes.txt", path = NULL, sep = "\t", check.names = FALSE, controlId=c("ID", "Name"), ...) 


file Character string giving the name of the file specifying the spot types.
path Character string giving the directory containing the file. Can be omitted if the file is in the current working directory.
sep the field separator character.
check.names Logical, if 'FALSE' column names will not be converted to valid variable names, for example spaces in column names will not be left as is.
controlId Character string. Name of the column of the gpr file used to define controls.
... additional arguments


A 2 column matrix named controlCode.


Jean Yee Hwa Yang, Agnes Paquet

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