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Version Information


R.Version() provides detailed information about the version of R running.
R.version is a variable (a list) holding this information (and version is a copy of it for S compatibility), whereas R.version.string is a simple character string, useful for plotting, etc.




R.Version returns a list with character-string components

platform the platform for which R was built. A triplet of the form CPU-VENDOR-OS, as determined by the configure script. E.g, "i586-unknown-linux" or "i386-pc-mingw32".
arch the architecture (CPU) R was built on/for.
os the underlying operating system
system CPU and OS, separated by a comma.
status the status of the version (e.g., "Alpha")
major the major version number
minor the minor version number, including the patchlevel
year the year the version was released
month the month the version was released
day the day the version was released
svn rev the Subversion revision number, which should be either "unknown" or a single number. (A range of numbers or a number with M or S appended indicates inconsistencies in the sources used to build this version of R.)
language always "R".

R.version and version are lists of class "simple.list" which has a print method.


Do not use R.version$os to test the platform the code is running on: use .Platform$OS.type instead. Slightly different versions of the OS may report different values of R.version$os, as may different versions of R.

See Also

getRversion .Platform.


R.version$os # to check how lucky you are ...
plot(0) # any plot
mtext(R.version.string, side=1,line=4,adj=1)# a useful bottom-right note

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