read.bmapqtl {bim}R Documentation

Read and write options for WinQTL


write.bmapqtl takes the options and priors in current workspace from bmapqtl.options and write it to a (user specified) text file. read.bmapqtl opens the file and read the options and priors in.


write.bmapqtl( dir = ".", nvalfile = "nval.dat" )
read.bmapqtl( dir = ".", nvalfile = "nval.dat" )


dir directory containing files
nvalfile file name for options and priors.


Bmapqtl used to operate as a separate external command using external file nval.dat, but was recently incorporated as a C dynamic library. However, read.bmapqtl and write.bmapqtl are still useful for WinQTL. For information on WinQTL visit


There is no return value from write.bmapqtl.
read.bmapqtl returns a list for options and priors. To replace the options and priors in current workspace, use .bmapqtl.options <- read.bmapqtl().


Brian S. Yandell,, Hao Wu,

See Also

read.bim, run.bmapqtl, bmapqtl.options


## Not run: 
write.bmapqtl( ".", "nval.dat")
read.bmapqtl(".", "nval.dat" )
## End(Not run)

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