condense {class}R Documentation

Condense training set for k-NN classifier


Condense training set for k-NN classifier


condense(train, class, store, trace = TRUE)


train matrix for training set
class vector of classifications for test set
store initial store set. Default one randomly chosen element of the set.
trace logical. Trace iterations?


The store set is used to 1-NN classify the rest, and misclassified patterns are added to the store set. The whole set is checked until no additions occur.


index vector of cases to be retained (the final store set).


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See Also

reduce.nn, multiedit


train <- rbind(iris3[1:25,,1], iris3[1:25,,2], iris3[1:25,,3])
test <- rbind(iris3[26:50,,1], iris3[26:50,,2], iris3[26:50,,3])
cl <- factor(c(rep("s",25), rep("c",25), rep("v",25)))
keep <- condense(train, cl)
knn(train[keep, , drop=FALSE], test, cl[keep])
keep2 <- reduce.nn(train, keep, cl)
knn(train[keep2, , drop=FALSE], test, cl[keep2])

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