reduce.nn {class}R Documentation

Reduce Training Set for a k-NN Classifier


Reduce training set for a k-NN classifier. Used after condense.


reduce.nn(train, ind, class)


train matrix for training set
ind Initial list of members of the training set (from condense).
class vector of classifications for test set


All the members of the training set are tried in random order. Any which when dropped do not cause any members of the training set to be wrongly classified are dropped.


index vector of cases to be retained.


Gates, G.W. (1972) The reduced nearest neighbor rule. IEEE Trans. Information Theory IT-18, 431–432.

Ripley, B. D. (1996) Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks. Cambridge.

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See Also

condense, multiedit


train <- rbind(iris3[1:25,,1], iris3[1:25,,2], iris3[1:25,,3])
test <- rbind(iris3[26:50,,1], iris3[26:50,,2], iris3[26:50,,3])
cl <- factor(c(rep("s",25), rep("c",25), rep("v",25)))
keep <- condense(train, cl)
knn(train[keep,], test, cl[keep])
keep2 <- reduce.nn(train, keep, cl)
knn(train[keep2,], test, cl[keep2])

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