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Convert WinBUGS data file to JAGS data file


bugs2jags converts a WinBUGS data in the format called "S-Plus" (i.e. the format created by the dput function) and writes it in dump format used by JAGS.

NB WinBUGS stores its arrays in row order. This is different from R and JAGS which both store arrays in column order. This difference is taken into account by bugs2jags which will automatically reorder the data in arrays, without changing the dimension.


bugs2jags(infile, outfile)


infile name of the input file
outfile name of the output file


Martyn Plummer


Spiegelhalter DJ, Thomas A, Best NG and Lunn D (2003). WinBUGS version 1.4 user manual MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge, UK.

See Also

dput, dump.

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