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Conversions of MCMC objects


These are methods for the generic functions as.matrix(), as.array() and as.mcmc().

as.matrix() strips the MCMC attributes from an mcmc object and returns a matrix. If iters = TRUE then a column is added with the iteration number. For mcmc.list objects, the rows of multiple chains are concatenated and, if chains = TRUE a column is added with the chain number.

mcmc.list objects can be coerced to 3-dimensional arrays with the as.array() function.

An mcmc.list object with a single chain can be coerced to an mcmc object with as.mcmc(). If the argument has multiple chains, this causes an error.


as.matrix(x, iters = FALSE, chains = FALSE))
as.array.mcmc.list(x, drop, ...)


x An mcmc or mcmc.list object
iters logical flag: add column for iteration number?
chains logical flag: add column for chain number? (if mcmc.list)
drop logical flag: if TRUE the result is coerced to the lowest possible dimension
... further arguments for future methods

See Also

as.matrix, as.array, as.mcmc,

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