read.and.check {coda}R Documentation

Read data interactively and check that it satisfies conditions


Input is read interactively and checked against conditions specified by the arguments what, lower, upper and If the input does not satisfy all the conditions, an appropriate error message is produced and the user is prompted to provide input. This process is repeated until a valid input value is entered.


read.and.check(message = "", what = numeric(), lower, upper,,


message message displayed before prompting for user input.
what the type of what gives the type of data to be read.
lower lower limit of input, for numeric input only.
upper upper limit of input, for numeric input only. the input must correspond to one of the elements of the vector, if supplied.
default value assumed if user enters a blank line.


The value of the valid input. When the default argument is specified, a blank line is accepted as valid input and in this case read.and.check returns the value of default.


Since the function does not return a value until it receives valid input, it extensively checks the conditions for consistency before prompting the user for input. Inconsistent conditions will cause an error.


Martyn Plummer

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