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Read BUGS output files


read.coda reads Markov Chain Monte Carlo output in the CODA format produced by WinBUGS and JAGS. By default, all of the data in the file is read, but the arguments start, end and thin may be used to read a subset of the data. If the arguments given to start, end or thin are incompatible with the data, they are ignored.


read.coda(file, start, end, thin, quiet=FALSE)
read.bugs(file = "bugs.out", start, end, thin, quiet=FALSE)
read.jags(file = "jags.out", start, end, thin, quiet=FALSE)


file the name of the file from which the data are to be read. The extension ".out" may be omitted. The data must be in the format produced by the BUGS program, and there must be a corresponding ".ind" file
start First iteration of chain
end Last iteration of chain
thin Thinning interval for chain
quiet Logical flag. If true, a progress summary will be printed


An object of class mcmc containing a representation of the data in the file.


Karen Vines, Martyn Plummer


Spiegelhalter DJ, Thomas A, Best NG and Gilks WR (1995). BUGS: Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling, Version 0.50. MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge.

See Also

mcmc, read.bugs.interactive.

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