Classical Tests

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ansari.test Ansari-Bradley Test
bartlett.test Bartlett Test for Homogeneity of Variances
binom.test Exact Binomial Test
chisq.test Pearson's Chi-squared Test for Count Data
cor.test Test for Association/Correlation Between Paired Samples
fisher.test Fisher's Exact Test for Count Data
fligner.test Fligner-Killeen Test for Homogeneity of Variances
friedman.test Friedman Rank Sum Test
kruskal.test Kruskal-Wallis Rank Sum Test
ks.test Kolmogorov-Smirnov Tests
mantelhaen.test Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Chi-Squared Test for Count Data
mcnemar.test McNemar's Chi-squared Test for Count Data
mood.test Mood Two-Sample Test of Scale
oneway.test Test for Equal Means in a One-Way Layout
pairwise.prop.test Pairwise comparisons of proportions
pairwise.t.test Pairwise t tests
pairwise.table Tabulate p values for pairwise comparisons
pairwise.wilcox.test Pairwise Wilcoxon rank sum tests
power.anova.test Power calculations for balanced one-way analysis of variance tests
power.prop.test Power calculations two sample test for of proportions
power.t.test Power calculations for one and two sample t tests
print.power.htest Print method for power calculation object
prop.test Test for Equal or Given Proportions
prop.trend.test Test for trend in proportions
quade.test Quade Test
shapiro.test Shapiro-Wilk Normality Test
t.test Student's t-Test
var.test F Test to Compare Two Variances
wilcox.test Wilcoxon Rank Sum and Signed Rank Tests